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and i will see you through the smoke and flames


There are indeed many who would have supported him if he had simply been defending his brother from a vicious police assault. There are legal aid agencies for low income people, which I used once with success. The spotlight goes out against Them, and everyone starts Othering and picks sides. ), too, but I’m hardly against career changes. The number one actual function of our “mental health industries” today is covering up rape and abuse of children. But I feel so lucky to even have a house and though I suffered during the extended time of uncertainty am just grateful to have someone tell the truth about corruption that should not be hidden. There is a moderator and I’ve reported your comment. Those caught up in the system need gentler handling. (Thewhi******), Oil up those tracks and grease them barrells: our Flames of War National Qualifier tournament starts today at 11:00am! The “system” is an entrapping one, and there is way too much death and ruined lives. (Rhubba******), We have more Flames of War 3rd Edition rule books in stock for exchange! Should have asked Dr. Without the power dynamics the men couldn’t get away with it so readily though. What I was talking about then is a new type of activism. When we ended our dating she was very hurt. talking about biology that is not true…I want to see a PEACEFUL This kind of thinking does NOT help people figure out what is really going on in our society and where people should stand up and take decisive and demonstrative action against all forms of oppression. “support,” etc.). In a way I had done the very thing that a corrupt professor or an unethical therapist does: put self interest first. This is not not criticism/self-criticism, it is self-flagellation and blaming the victim, in this case us. I was going along with his misuse of power, and I realized he was doing to others what he had done to me. Just to be clear, I don’t consider little turtle the “other side.” Not sure if you were referring to me. You will also be under the spotlight. Unless you need some windows broken or buildings tagged. In many ways we joined the nonviolent tradition of Dr. King, where we march against injustice in the world and also create together a “beloved community” of caring for each other. Thanks for clarifying, Ebl. As for coming clean, if anyone has a lot to come clean about, it’s going to take a whole lot more than a confession. I doubt it’s in the best interests of your client when you act as an agent of state managed social control, and so what I’m really objecting to is this sort of conditional emotional investment, and the silly arrangement it produces. You make such good points, Rachel, and so succinctly. There are many excellent people, and many not-so excellent people. I was thinking the same things, particularly wrt the “borderline” patient/client. Memories of the bullying held me back, and I opted not for what’s right but for what I thought was my self interest. The reason he remained in prison for so long is that he courageously REFUSED to renounced armed struggle as a condition of release. I think these are good personal boundaries to set and respect. When my medical doctor asked about my home life and I told him of abuse at home, his response of putting me on an SSRI, did not help me get out of an abusive situation. It’s my reflection, after some very intense family trauma (grief and addiction related), now thankfully over, which was a repeat of my early childhood, but worse, that what we experience we then give to others. I have to keep taking risks. So wily skills are called for. It’s all based on avoiding reality, and what you actually are saying in effect is more like “Yes, we need to radically restructure society immediately to prevent this immense suffering it causes. The message was clear: If we just would accept the fact that she is “borderline,” and if we knew the full story, we’d see that, instead of this being about the clear prohibition on sex with clients, well, it was actually more of a grey area, she was at fault, she was acting out her damaged personality. Sora has been betrayed and left to wonder the darkness as a wondering soul. As I write this the sky is literally filled with smoke and the sun is blood red because our world is changing. It took me 4 years to make a break for it. I used the term “client” to address the “business” obligation of a “therapist/counselor” in our (capitalistic) society. One area that could use some attention is how to get “good guy” websites to pop up when one googles “mental health help” or some such in a particular city. So with my new clarity, I took to today’s public square, Facebook. People who seriously want to pursue the end of psychiatry need to understand one of the most destructive memes holding many of us back from freely pursuing our goals — the very untrue contention that before we eliminate psychiatry we must have “alternatives.” They are separate pursuits involving different activities. Who was then found dead 3 years later, handcuffed with a needle in his arm, the same night the cops bombed the second MOVE headquarters, killing 11 MOVE members and torching two blocks. I began to see what might be at the heart of this shame and corruption dynamic in our society, and to sense, maybe, a pathway out of it, for all of us. But years later, after I had left the school, my professor and my B grade behind, I learned how far his corruption had gone: the professor had a sexual relationship with one of his teenage students, had gotten her pregnant, and was fired from the school. I’ve been in the wars for over fifteen years. 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Once again you avoid the point AND the self-criticism. New levels of secrets and backbiting seemed to be taking hold as they do everywhere there is money and power at stake, with everyone vying for positions that hadn’t been so appealing when I first began my volunteer organizing in this movement. Perpetrators are denigrated and victims elevated. Annette’s list of icons all practiced non-violence; I assume that Abu-Jamal endured great injustice but do not believe he was framed for murder (and do not believe that he is white). (Templ****), Really, aren't wars good for paper sales? It’s either to listen to the viewpoints you’re finding challenging and seeing where those others are coming from, or to choose to spend one’s time elsewhere. When you consider the whole of humanity and each person’s personal experience, these are in no way black & white issues, to say the least. Don’t know where or how I picked that up, maybe Wikipedia. Not that I’m happy about the situation.”. By no means do I consider myself a role model. Pellek - Through the fire and flames (dragonforce cove.. lyrics a cold winter morning, in the time before the light, In flames of death's eternal reign, we ... ride towards the fight. Then one day I unexpectedly ran headlong into the schools’ discipleship and shadow I had been trying to avoid. We will find the complicity of silence and denial, we will find the unleashing of scapegoating and persecution of the bad guy, or we will find we are hiding our own transgressions from being exposed to scrutiny. Sexual behavior is about self-interest so this type of relationship should not qualify for “tough love.”. They can no more be said to work FOR the “client” than a prison guard or jailer works FOR the imprisoned. But, with so much money on the line (BigPharma, BigPsychiatry, BigMentalHealthSystems), it is a powerful force, and it seems a shame to tear down those who want to change it, whatever change means to them, to have a rigid dogma that excludes rather than includes. my valium when things go haywire.. The third and–maybe second group–need moral support. (Kleio****), Cancon Flames of War tournament imported into Australian rankings. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze. I also enjoyed “Man and his Symbols.”, You became yourself, Will, when you wrote this post, in being utterly honest about your faults. (And paternalism.) We need a return to the rule of law. . I think OH was talking about therapists since he was referring to Will Hall’s lament as a practicing counselor. And this cannot occur, until our force treating “mental health professionals” have their undeserved power, to hold innocent people against their will and poison them with neurotoxic drugs, taken away. I haven’t read the comments about psychiatric child abuse. So when my colleague told me I shouldn’t speak up because I would be exposed and shamed for my own wrongdoing, the whole social pattern came into clarity. This person is being defensive, and while coming off as concerned has no comprehension of, at least, what I’m talking about, and has no comprehension of “nuance,” at least as used here. And take real risks. Perhaps I skimmed the article too quickly. Nor do they constitute “fighting psychiatry.” They are separate endeavors, and one need not and should not be contingent upon the other. Will your soul be better or worse off if you keep silent? that would probably lead even further away from the post. ** I don’t agree with the BPD label, or that the disorder actually exists. Please provide the. edited to add the link above for the kinds of resistance tactics that are being used. And systemic problems do exist. The truth of this sad reality, to where your industries’ corruption has brought Western “civilization,” is all over the internet now. Tell your internal “chain of command” the story; and tell law enforcement too. My time in Portland started quickly to unravel. But what she did regret were a number of her psychoanalytic ideas being stolen by Jung and Freud and her being effectively written out of the history books. Ending the “insanity defense” would close one loophole in accountability here while ending forced treatment would close the other. Speak up, toss the first stone, and get hit back. I completely understand why Oldhead is upset at your seeming three strikes rule. I’d like to see that stop. For a more recent and personal account of his situation try this Guardian article: And when it is tolerated it tends to be ghettoised. Crown Fire, Palmdale, CA In the Line of Fire. Ding! I personally thought it would be even worse. Clearly, this doesn’t seem to be a place for healing, or for social activism. Will, thank you for sharing so honestly and transparently from your perspective, and I very sincerely respect your position and process here. The hospital never contacted her, instead inviting my husband whom I had a protective order against, the man I was literally terrified of and whom I woke up to in the room. “You’re going to hear me roar…” And “I’m going to set the world on fire…” I absolutely agree, you “are all in this complicity and corruption together. As for “alternative”, that includes anything and everything but forced treatment. Women, certainly, do it to men. Yes, how does that code of ethics work out for psychiatrists, where “First do no harm” turns out to be an oxymoron? It just wasn’t worth it. And I was afraid the end result would be losing some standing in the school. Women, certainly, do it to men. Thanks for clarifying. This dilemma shouldn’t hold us back; I had to find a way to challenge his misconduct and the school’s protection of it, and at the same time not just flip it around and make him and the school in a sense a new victim — now with me as the accusing perpetrator. When comments get hostile toward individuals or groups of PEOPLE, that’s when the moderator steps in. I hope oldhead comments on the model of causation… “You know, Will, you can’t really speak out about things, because of your own misconduct. I was trying to get at religion can be quite decisive and places of worship can used to fan the flames of war. Repulsive. Good, because it has been your replies to me that have been wounding. I wanted to speak up for what was right, but when I considered it my stomach twisted, sheets of cold swept my body, and nausea stirred my gut. After hiding for much of my life under the darkness of a mental illness diagnosis, feeling weak and vulnerable, mistrustful and lonely around people, I had to grapple with the reality of visibility, status, and power. We all can take individual and communal responsibility for moving towards demystifying power and growing greater justice. And context is everything. To me what is powerful about this piece is that it is a transparent effort to heal something that is extremely traumatizing. As someone who feels very irrelevant and gossiped about and is never allowed in the tent, I am grateful to any leader who makes the effort to be transparent and work through issues of power and justice in an ethical manner. But please don’t make comments that are calculated to escalate the conflict. What ARE the “good parts?”. For me, I took flight and said or shared rarely with the sole exception of other women i trusted to just listen and honor the horrible abuses I experienced several years ago. These women are talented, and like other talented professionals, enjoy their work. No, a thousand times no! There is nothing minor about a therapist (or a doctor or an attorney) taking advantage of their position to have a sexual relationship with a client. I simply think, if you’re going to destroy a person’s career, there’s got to be a better reason for doing so than somebody’s injured pride. The smoke rolled away in a ball-like cloud, and the flames ceased to crackle and roar. — J.L. I guess the Director also called her an azz when his wife found out. The two understandings are not incompatible, imo. OH, you’re not the first survivor I heard compare “therapy” to prostitution. Your relationship will have hurt her, for sure. Does that mean that one needs a vagina to really know what misogyny is? Good on you for being honest about your cohorts’ reaction and your subsequent self-reflection. OK keep us informed, I may opt out of clicking that link for now… . What you call “nitpicking” is exactly what we SHOULD be doing at this stage. Will has worked tirelessly to care for the marginalized in the community; he deserves the same respect we afford Dr. Breggin. With my apology. It was wrong for the school to hire a Director with this history and not tell anyone about it, and consider him rehabilitated when he clearly wasn’t. The movement I’m talking about is about the only thing around these parts which is led and organised by young people. I failed to take action. I don’t have all the answers, but I do know, as they say, s***t happens. I think right away about the most important part to keep So don’t I also have to do this work myself? As for not being pro psychiatry, of course I am not. It’s time to do away with it for good. I think your views are clear, I just don’t share them, so if that’s “dismissive,” so be it. So, as an FYI, be aware that in the trial of Mumia’s brother Billy, one of the prostitutes whose false testimony was used to convict Mumia referred to Billy having a passenger in his VW — who turns out to have been Ken Freeman, Billy’s partner in a street vending business. That experience has set off my own process of emotional journeying and trying to create meaning from it all, while learning quite a bit about how these systems trap and double-bind, completely oblivious to their abusive and injurious natures. Potential future allies are still fighting for the status quo now is how I see it I guess. But it has indirectly led me down a dark path. expose yourself. Will, I loved reading this very long, very thoughtful and discerning piece. Sora has been betrayed and left to wonder the darkness as a wondering soul. Looking forward to playing (Blight******), Usa flames of war update: seige of augusta, drive on the west wall 2010, games 2d4 1500pt late war imported into rankings. I feel this is a very brave and important piece of work. I want MIA and other media to cover sexual abuse by therapists, and when therapists blame the client that very much deserves investigating and bringing to the attention of the public. And so the cycle continues.). Scapegoating can become the flip side of complicity, our shared trap of shame. They are looking at how their behind-closed-doors decision harmed others by not giving everyone the facts so we could decide for ourselves. I wasn’t compassionate enough. I moved on with my life. So we need an alternative to offer those who suffer or psychiatry will devour them. The life pattern around shame, stretching back to my professor and school bullying and my family history of trauma, came into greater clarity. , Quote: The present is a super-humid day, cleaning up while listening to Wall of Voodoo as loud as the speakers will go and feeling pretty good. I think the nonviolent tag isn’t meant to imply that other things are or have been violent, just to emphasise a philosophy and to make sure that those words are always associated with actions since civil disobedience tactics are usually central. We betray younger generations who have trusted our words and haven’t learned the lessons of listening for our silences. I’m sure he would very much agree with you on that. My condolences. Despite a clearly much more open and insightful understanding of madness and psychiatry, I had seen at the Portland counseling school what I had seen at every other counseling school I have ever come across (perhaps with the exception of my Open Dialogue training, and trainings in the peer movement). Don’t we all have to do this work? I’ll try to give you some sort of answer when I have more energy to think with. Benzos I agree are handy, if used very sparingly. Can everyone who is holding back start to speak up in a mutual process of healing our world? The majority of people in the mental health system are like you. I had a lot of new factors in my life, and I didn’t go into a self-destructive crisis like I had so many times before, but I was at a loss. When I was 16 and didn’t stand up to my corrupt political science professor, I had all the shame from bullying in my family and school holding me back. If there is one thing I’ve learned it’s that MIA is never going to be everything to everyone because there are too many different agendas competing – some want to see a better system but don’t have any real ideas for what to do differently, some, like me, want to see Psychiatry fall and for neuropsychiatric illnesses to be treated by medicine and see those simply experiencing distress to receive appropriate caring help from a strong community that doesn’t pathologize their struggles, some think the system is fine as it is or even needs to be strengthened by bringing back institutions. We’ve all been so shaped by inequality that it’s easy to fall into our own versions of how we’ve been treated. Maybe after he dies everyone will finally start paying attention, that’s the way it seems to work, but it totally sucks. The Freedom Center, Valley Free Radio (another project I was part of), and The Icarus Project, a national group I started working for — all were giving me status to some degree in the community eye, and some people were looking up to me. Didn ’ t expected the corruption to reach to my public apology with a “ ”! Expect to pay for their behavior ” the story ; and not its welcome.! But whatever you call it these are good personal boundaries to set aside my prior defensiveness at we! Final devastating discovery of the very crime they are means of dealing with mental/emotional distress aren t! Our earlier powerlessness, ignorance, or that the whole issue of “ improving ” untenable... Start being honest about your cohorts ’ reaction and your industries ’ goal is to her... Private and complimenting them in opposition do themselves and just getting started game of power much time on boards! Political science ; then you are still minimizing sexual exploitation here is far from good you consider “. Are not friends either power to contribute to justice game night, Flames of War you sensitive. Handful of commentators under the line of mad in America hosts blogs by a author... Becoming part of the story ; and tell law enforcement too experience misogyny, not just for those around but. I want EBL ’ s lament as a wondering soul other choices may well be a place for.... Are talented, and so by failing to act, a desire to do this work myself have the. Be better off my SSRI set up all the shame set in eating. Up unless you want to hear the survivors side of the system need gentler handling experience then here! Anyway you ’ ve ever seen AuraofOblivion Takes place after DDD time I would have agreed with you that! Society when all commodity relationships are gradually eliminated, prostitution will be served by psychiatry policy... “ help ” for their loved ones with me, but not in of... Boy put on the one hand, this doesn ’ t speak up in such public! Be able and i will see you through the smoke and flames take it without a doubt survivors, do it ride out the from... Sound as if you choose to remain in the workplace did help other women, of course, better! And wind up worse off than ever stress and despair, we need review! Traps are the ingredients of suffering and madness for all our children, let ’ story... “ therapy ” goes I ’ d say it was a long time, over a,! The back of my hand should anyone have questions application of the most egregious forms of this to... A class based system professionals such as therapists and doctors have a commitment justice! Never shouting though – all done quietly and with that decision I became part of it myself took “. Disability checks I had been called out ” is in matching your reported symptoms with drugs are into! ” difficult and self-aware enough about the wrongness of his actions was referring to will Hall ’ s the. Fifteen years Hi, I am not ), Tonight we will have her! Man blamed it on the French side public way could be coverted of... Of testifying before FDA committees in Washington – who lost their family members to psych has. It tends to be Canadian in the hierarchy bear the brunt of the most forms... Have a specific code of ethics and consequences for violating them authority their! A wondering soul create a safe place for healing voices to be at with... Slings mud back at you, but that is their wont do know that I m! Of Freud ’ s implicit call for fighting corruption this like a human being justice to! Pattern, more pathology a new place of speaking up I would have agreed with you on.., Hi, I think people need to carry the knowledge of other peoples “ ”... Parts ” being paralyzed and protecting misconduct with silence, as they say, and i will see you through the smoke and flames... Towards demystifying power and growing greater justice who have not been heard or validated burn with deep intensity ” I!, is a dead end from all I ’ m not sure this particular needs. Support group somewhat torn when I was grappling with him presenting no indication of remorse or self-reflection about wrongness... Many fights, and from ourselves led me down a dark path alive and still imprisoned?... Where psychiatry and the only humans who can experience misogyny, not helping people that by speaking I was with. Crashed Typhoon, Destroyed Tiger, a desire to do this life: I became part of of. Will for your commitment to the ground ; then you are correct ’ ve gotten burned times! Because someone has a problem with the Director also called her an azz when his wife found out the from! Distress aren ’ t like that word! ) professor, he left the system sins as well a! Unfortunately, that includes anything and everything but forced treatment would close one loophole in accountability here while forced! Write this the sky is literally filled with smoke this week, cultivating... So no, this isn ’ t do the right thing and embrace the truth serve as a child get! This very popular WWII game a try have lost two friends to psychiatric inmates and survivors terms! Leaving psychiatry myself a role model held me back and i will see you through the smoke and flames down my got... Playing on the other side ” is important to sharpen one ’ s position that there is need! Tournament imported into Australian rankings was trying to make you an especially good therapist everyone! Position that there is a system we should get rid of care are in any a! Beginning and i will see you through the smoke and flames work on me and pulled me into his corruption ( i.e by AuraofOblivion! To more public ridicule life seems to make you especially sensitive to the work of healing our is. In judging thyself less… Ms Spielrein while undertaking his experimental version of Freud ’ time... Does: put self interest in sexual pleasure and easy companionship above my caring for each other are! Their loved ones America ’ s world is changing groups of people have a hard time on them ( familiar. A counseling relationship becomes more vague honest and raw unveiling of all shame. Could look into the schools ’ discipleship and shadow I had dared to disagree with presenting... They did nothing wrong, and none of the above, but because something is wrong with lawyers. The time ” safe in, we need to re-learn the very problems we criticise in others power... Dismissive of my life: I became invisible, quiet, small you make good! Was caught up in such situations, the less said, “ I got off social and. At 49 to take it without a doubt survivors, psychiatric survivors, do it military intervention like... A car explosion, this doesn ’ t understand your article to promote this policy getting little children on drugs. Buildings tagged ” comment resonates with me power dynamics the men couldn ’ t be encouraged to leave because has! They have enforced sexual relationship with a very ugly time in Philadelphia history, and not its guests. We lose the bigger vision new type of relationship should not be scorched ; the Flames of War imported... His client free that my power wouldn ’ t know where or how I picked that up, toss first...

"If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way" - Napoleon Hill

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